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The belt pulling force generator is used in combination with PeniMasterPRO basic as belt expander system. The bilateral length adjustment by means of tri-glide buckles, as well as the top-mounted multi-position anchors allow for wearing PeniMasterPRO as shoulder belt, hip belt, or knee belt. The tissue belt of the pulling force generator is very durable, heavy duty, and can be washed comfortably in the washing machine. Product advantages:   high wearing comfort due to skin-friendly, heavy duty stretch tissue belt length adjustable on both sides automatic coupling with PeniMasterPRO Basic multi-position anchors for secure, wrinkle-free attachment of the fixing clip machine-washable at 60 degrees  
Belt pulling force generator
Item no.: EPMP-007

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Anatomically shaped hollow chamber connecting glans and adhesion diaphragm (4) by means of a vacuum. On the basis of the inclined aperture, the sensitive frenulum (foreskin frenulum) will remain outside of the vacuum area. Attachment groove To attach the latex parts. Coupling head Connects the glans chamber to the belt or rod pulling force generator. Valve port With screw thread for standard rotary valve and hose rotary valve.
Anatomic glans chamber with frenulum protection
Item no.: EPMP-001

104,94 Euro

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For easy insertion of the glans into the sluice. With spacer to prevent bodily hair from being pinched.
Sluice ring
Item no.: EPMP-002

21,09 Euro

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Impermeable to air if screwed down.
Standard rotary valve
Item no.: EPMP-003

15,85 Euro

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For optimised adaptation of the glans chamber to smaller penis diameters. Released automatically when removing PeniMaster PRO.
Split adapter (two sizes)
Item no.: EPMP-004

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For easy application of PeniMaster PRO Generates over-pressure or vacuum. With automatic valve adapter with closure mechanism for the glans chamber.
Pump ball application system
Item no.: EPMP-005

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Connects the rod pulling force generator to PeniMaster PRO. Can be pressed conveniently onto the rods from the top (clip function).
Coupling socket
Item no.: EPMP-006

50,77 Euro

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The rod pulling force generator is an axially parallel mechanical system used in connection with the compatible PeniMasterPRO basic as rod expander system. The rod pulling force generator consists of the individual components base ring, extension rods and coupling socket.  
Rod pulling force generator
Item no.: EPMP-008

126,14 Euro

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Includes threads for extension rods.
Basic Ring incl. Spring Balance
Item no.: EEK-003.i

84,69 Euro

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6 extension rods of 0,5cm each
Extension Rods 0,5cm
Item no.: EEK-004-05

21,09 Euro

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Pair of rods 2cm each
Extension Rods 2cm
Item no.: EEK-004-2

26,39 Euro

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Pair of rods 4cm each
Extension Rods 4cm
Item no.: EEK-004-4

31,69 Euro

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Pair of rods 6cm each
Extension Rods 6cm
Item no.: EEK-004-6

34,87 Euro

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Pair of rods 8cm each
Extension Rods 8cm
Item no.: EEK-004-8

40,17 Euro

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Set of rods to be screwed into one another in pairs of 2cm, 4cm, 6cm, 8cm plus 6 rods of 0,5 cm.
Set of Extension Rods
Item no.: EEK-004

104,94 Euro

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Environmentally friendly, discreet cotton bag. For storing and transporting all parts and a fully assembled PeniMaster system. Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification Double natural coloured drawstring Inner seams interlinked No printed brand names, logos or advertising Robust and durable Machine washable at 60 °C / 140 °F Colour: natural beige Dimensions without filling: approx. 35 x 15 x 0.5 cm / 13.8 x 5.9 x 0.2 inches
Pouches for PeniMaster® - discreet, durable, ecological
Item no.: ZPMP-010

3,95 Euro

currently available immediately
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