PeniMaster® Classic

Includes threads for extension rods.
Basic Ring incl. Spring Balance
Patented penis fastening system (support base) with adaptive fastening apertures for improved handling.
Support Base

79,39 €

6 extension rods of 0,5cm each
Extension Rods 0,5cm
Pair of rods 2cm each
Extension Rods 2cm
Pair of rods 4cm each
Extension Rods 4cm
Pair of rods 6cm each
Extension Rods 6cm
Pair of rods 8cm each
Extension Rods 8cm
Set of rods to be screwed into one another in pairs of 2cm, 4cm, 6cm, 8cm plus 6 rods of 0,5 cm.
Set of Extension Rods

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5 year warranty from the manufacturer for PeniMaster® products

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